Thursday, February 21, 2013

1/2 day of School=Craft Time!

So, today was a half day at school... So my house was filled today! On every half day of school we make some sort of craft for the upcoming holiday or season... Today was Easter! The kids had a pretty good time, and even with a migraine I was able to pull off craft time with 3 little boys! 

Here is a look at what we did:

We had a little down time to just "color" Here is my sweet boy, Cameron!

 Here are the bunnies I did to show the boys!

Here are the bunnies the boys did, in order: Kaden, Owen and then Cameron.. he wanted really Big ears!

Here is a look at the ducks we did!

All proudly displayed on the door or should I say "make shift bulletin board!"

Kaden got his homework done, while I was baking cookies... go figure!

Finished product: Toffee Chip Cookies, not too bad!

Overall we had a pretty productive day! Stay tuned tomorrow... we are baking again, this time Sugar Cookie Butterflies! Nothing beats a snowstorm like a warm kitchen, and flour on your apron! 

Take Care,

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